Sterling Publishers

Sterling New Horizons specializes in the creation of high-quality books to suit every palate at affordable prices, so that knowledge does not remain the prerogative of just a few people. We have provided the joy of reading to people over the last 49 years and have more than 5,000 active titles. With a team of dedicated, hard-working and highly-resourceful staff, we have established ourselves in the industry as a leading book publishing company.

Each publication is carefully created by a team of meticulous editors and skilled designers. Our books offer something for readers of every age. There are storybooks, readers, encyclopedias, activitiy books and puzzles for children, besides self-help guides, books on art and history, cookery books and the classics for the general reader.

Sterling Publishers began its journey with the vision of its founder, the late Mr. O. P. Ghai. A teacher turned author and publisher, his ideology and diversified skills brought Sterling to its current status. He established University Publishers in the mid-forties in Jalandhar, a city in the Indian State of Punjab. It was in 1965 that Sterling Publishers was set up in New Delhi and began to make its presence felt in the Indian publishing industry. Mr. O. P. Ghai was awarded the prestigious Prakash Ratna Award. He was President of the Federation of Publishers and Booksellers Association, and the Federation of Indian Publishers, and an Executive Committee member of the International Publishers Association.

Today, his son, Mr. S. K. Ghai, spearheads the Sterling group of companies. He is assisted by Mr. Gaurav Ghai in expanding the business worldwide, through planned initiatives and executions, keeping the brand in tune with the changing global trends.